What are ‘soft teeth’? Do I have them?

Over the years I’ve heard many patients say, “I seem to have really soft teeth. Ever since I was a child I would come out of every dental visit with a cavity. No matter how much I flossed and brushed it didn’t help!!”

Or worse yet, “my brother never brushes, never flosses, eats sugar all the time, and he doesn’t have one filling. It’s not fair!”

So, how can this be possible?

While we know for certain that genetics plays a role in our oral health, it doesn’t play the only role. Yes, some people are more prone to cavities (soft teeth) or gum disease. Some people inherit their ‘crooked teeth’ or gummy smile from their parents. However, what we don’t inherit are habits (hygiene, diet, smoking etc).

Ultimately the biggest factor in determining your susceptibility for decay or gum disease is you. Regular brushing and flossing (with proper technique), and regularly scheduled dental cleanings are paramount in achieving a healthy mouth.

While it is true that some people neglect their teeth with no consequence, they are in the minority. The vast majority of people cannot sustain these poor habits long-term without aquiring some form of oral disease.

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