Wisdom Teeth

As humans have evolved over many generations, our jaws have become smaller, and our teeth have not. Because of this discrepancy in size, many people do not have room for their wisdom teeth to fully grow into their mouth. This can potentially lead to dental issues creating discomfort, pain, and infection in the areas involved.

It is important to mention that not everyone needs to have their wisdom teeth extracted. In fact there are many people who keep their wisdom teeth for their entire lives without having any issues.

As a general rule, if your wisdom teeth are creating discomfort, pain or infection they need to be assessed for extraction. If your wisdom teeth are not creating any discomfort but are impacted, they also need to be assessed. Typically the younger a person is, the easier the extractions are with less complications, and a speedier recovery.

Dr. Malinowski routinely extracts wisdom teeth under IV sedation. This is a great choice for people as they are much more comfortable during the procedure. In fact many patients comment on how fast and easy the appointment was. The sedation creates a lasting positive experience with a procedure that many do not look forward to.

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