We welcome new patients and emergencies!

Welcome to Langford Dental

Located in the heart of the West Shore on Goldstream Avenue.

Our modern clinic is very family friendly, and our staff is well trained to help those anxious and fearful patients. Besides having various sedation options, we are confident our team experience and earnest effort will provide a safe, relaxing environment for you. Gaining your trust in being your dental caregiver is our sincerest wish.

Please take time to read through our website to see some of our exciting services available, and to understand our philosophy a little more.






New patients & Emergencies
We always welcome new patients, young and old! Also, If you have a dental issue like a toothache, broken tooth, swelling, etc. give us a call. We routinely reserve time in our daily schedule to accommodate these issues. We promise to find a spot in our day to help you.
Sedation (including IV)
Have any procedure performed under sedation. If you are anxious or just want the procedure to seem like it went by quick, this is a great option.
Dental Implants
Replace one, several or all your teeth with the most natural like tooth replacement option. Secure old dentures so they don’t move, or lift. Smile again without the fear of your dentures dropping.

We welcome new patients and emergencies! Contact us today.