Implant Dentures

For those people who have complete dentures and are unhappy with the fit and irritation they create, implants can provide a solution. For those people who do not want to choose conventional dentures as their replacement option, we now have wonderful implant technology allowing us to immobilize and anchor dentures.

Our jaws shrink over time if there are no teeth or implants in the bone. As a result there is less and less bone to support the dentures; hence, more movement of the dentures when chewing or speaking. It is the movement of the dentures that creates sores, swelling of gums and overall aching of the jaws. For some people these dentures can fall or drop when smiling or yawning, creating a potentially embarrassing moment.

Depending on the situation and the type of prosthetic desired, dentures/bridges can be anchored into implants in a variety of ways. The result is an incredible increase in stability, large gain in chewing power, and a decrease in the bulk and thickness of the denture/prosthetic.

If you are tired of your ill-fitting dentures or don’t want to consider conventional dentures as an option, please let us know. Dr. Malinowski would be more than happy to go over your options during an examination.

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