We understand that going to the dentist for many people can be very stressful. In fact many avoid going to the dentist for years until pain brings them in. At Langford Dental we want to make all your appointments relaxing and stress free. To make this possible, we offer a friendly, light, professional setting. Of course if this isn’t enough, we also offer various types of sedation! Fear and anxiety are managed very effectively, and typically more dental work can be performed per appointment. This lessens the amount of visits necessary to complete a given patient’s treatment plan. For a dental fearing patient, this is a wonderful thing.

Our staff are trained in different modalities of sedation and Dr. Malinowski has received extensive training in intravenous sedation. He is licensed by the British Columbia College of Dental Surgeons to provide this service for his patients.

All our staff are sensitive to the varying degrees of anxiety people may have. We cater to your individual needs and strive to exceed all your expectations. Our goal…with time…is to lessen the amount of anxiety you feel in a dental setting, and thereby continue regular healthy dental maintenance.


Very safe for children and adults. This type of sedative takes the edge off. Dr. Malinowski will put a small hood on your nose through which you will breathe. You will start to feel calm and relaxed within seconds; when we are finished, it will also wear off in seconds. Nitrous can put a smile on your face, and best of all you can leave the appointment and drive to work.


This is a great choice for people who are mildly anxious or just want the appointment to go by quickly. Come an hour early to our office and we give you a tiny pill. For the next hour you sit with a warm blanket and magazine and wait as the sedative starts to work. With this type of sedation you will need to be driven home by a responsible adult who has your best interest at heart.


For those who want more sedation this is a much better choice. The drug is administered intravenously until a moderate sedation level is achieved. This level is reached within minutes, and can be maintained throughout the appointment by continually “topping up” the drug. Again, the advantage of this method is the reliability of reaching the right level of sedation. With this type of sedation you will also need to be driven home by a responsible adult who has your best interest at heart.

At Langford Dental your safety and peace of mind is paramount. For all types of sedation a very thorough medical history is taken at the consult appointment. Every sedated patient has his/her vitals monitored with hospital grade equipment. Day after follow-up calls are always made to ensure you are feeling well and to answer any questions you may have.

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