New Patient Exams

We think you’ll find our new patient exam is very thorough and comprehensive. The exam is started by getting to know you and your health history. We discuss the medications you are taking and any pertinent medical issues you may have. We of course ask you if there any concerns with your teeth or any areas you wish to specifically address. We want to know what your long term goals are for your teeth, and how we can help you attain them.

We then proceed to take photographs and x-rays of all your teeth. In some cases impressions are also taken to have a ‘working set’ of your teeth (in stone) with us when you leave. Once all information is collected, Dr. Malinowski will start his examination.

He will check your muscles and lymph nodes of the head and neck. Your jaw joints (TMJ) will be assessed; he will examine your bite and how it relates to any signs or symptoms of worn, loose or cracking teeth. He inspects for infections in the gums or bone and cavities in teeth. An oral cancer check is always performed, not only at the new patient exam but also at every check-up and cleaning.

At this point Dr. Malinowski has a good picture of your dental health. If he sees some issues he will point them out and an appointment can be scheduled to correct the problem. A hygiene appointment should also be scheduled where the hygienist will not only clean your teeth, but she will also finish gathering more information about the gum and bone health around your teeth. We will strive to accommodate your busy schedule and work with you to help you regain or maintain a healthy beautiful smile!

We welcome new patients and emergencies! Contact us today.