3 simple things you can do to prevent cavities

Aside from the obvious things your dentist tells you like flossing and brushing your teeth, there are other simple everyday things you can do to fight cavities.

  1. Eat and drink your food/liquids in one sitting. In other words, don’t graze! If you’re constantly snacking and drinking (coffee, pop, juice) throughout the day you are replenishing the sugars and starches bacteria need to create the acids that form cavities.
  2. Don’t swish your sugar drinks…especially carbonated drinks. It sounds simple…but most of us have this habit of savoring the flavor of our drinks by swishing them through our teeth before we swallow them. By doing this you’re allowing the sugars to be dispersed all over the mouth and in between teeth.
  3. Do swish water when you drink it; and especially try to swish thoroughly with water after every meal. This allows the water to flush out any sugary residue and food debris from between your teeth. This not only will hydrate you but also clean your mouth in the process!

There you have it. Three simple, no cost, common-sense ideas that should go a long way in keeping your mouth healthy and you happy.

Keep smiling!

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